The History of Casino Games

The history of casino games goes back almost as far as human civilization. The earliest records show people playing dice games more than three thousand years ago in Mesopotamia. The games evolved to include card games and other games based on luck. Ancient Romans also enjoyed gambling and had animal fighting matches where they bet […]


How to Define a Casino

A casino has many different names depending on the game it is. For example, the term “casino” can describe a physical casino as well as a specific game room. In addition to the name, casino games can be distinguished by special promotions, which may be in the form of a rule or free meal. Pumpkin […]


What is RUMMY?

RUMMY is a card game with various variations around the world. Each participant draws a card from a deck and must match them to create a match. Runs are a series of three or more cards in a suit, a sequence of three or more consecutive cards, or three or four cards of the same […]