What is RUMMY?

RUMMY is a card game with various variations around the world. Each participant draws a card from a deck and must match them to create a match. Runs are a series of three or more cards in a suit, a sequence of three or more consecutive cards, or three or four cards of the same […]


Variations of RUMMY

In RUMMY, players have to lay out their cards face-up on the table. The first person to make combinations with all their cards wins. The number of cards required to play a game varies depending on the number of players. In a game with two players, ten cards per player are required. In a game […]


How to Beat the Casino

To be a profitable player, you need to know how to beat the casino. This is the job of the gaming analysts and mathematicians. These people help casinos determine the house edge and variance, which give them an idea of the amount of money they can expect to win. These people are called gaming mathematicians […]