Know the blackjack basics & memories techniques and strategics to help you win more games

If players wish to walk away from the Blackjack casino table as winners, they must be familiar with a variety of words and basic principles. Hit, Stand, Surrender, Double Down, and Split are all important in the game since they highlight the many options available to players. The infographic will help you familiarise what Blackjackis and […]


Enjoy Fun Rummy Games

Rummy has been a popular game among many households. The name comes from the French word ruminant, meaning rumbling or chattering. Rummy is a collection of matching-card games famous for the same basic gameplay and match of cards of the same suit or rank. The objective in any style of rummy is generally to build […]


Blackjack Explanations

Blackjack, formerly called Black Jack, Vingt-Un (pronounced vING-toot-ee) and sometimes Jacks (pronounced “jacks”), is an Americanized form of the Spanish word “Jugar”, meaning black. In its most common form, blackjack involves betting that a player will win a single black in a game of twenty. The number of blackjack cards dealt out in a game […]