Online Poker Millionaires You Probably Don’t Know

Professional poker comprises stakes-heavy tables and competitions. Thus, there is little room for mistakes. And it is here that the world’s most proficient poker players engage in competition. And this is where the poker millionaires are created; these are the people that routinely win poker tournaments and receive awards.

Simply watching these players’ poker methods or comprehending how they approach tournaments may teach you a ton about the game. Naturally, it can also be highly advisable to play in tournaments yourself to gain the experience that is required in order to be successful, with platforms such as giving bettors the opportunity to do this safely and without limits. 

In this post, let’s look at some well-known online poker millionaires.

Antonio Esfandiari

He is one of the most well-known poker players in the entire globe. It is hardly surprising that Antonio Esfandiari was a magician before becoming a professional poker player. He made a big entrance by taking home the L.A. Poker Classic’s World Poker Tour championship title in 2004. After that, he was able to add two more WPT championships to his career. In his career, he had won three or four WSOP (World Series of Poker) bracelets, with his most considerable success coming in 2012 when he triumphed in the WSOP event known as “Big One for One Drop.” Up until 2012, the prize he took home from the competition was referred to as the biggest LIVE poker prize ever.

Justin Bonomo

To succeed in both live and online poker tournaments, you need an incredible amount of expertise. Among them is Justin Bonomo, a poker player. Like Antonio, Justin had already won the WSOP bracelet twice in his career. His most significant victory came in 2018 when he triumphed in the WSOP event called “Big One for One Drop.” He indeed became the top-ever live event prize winner with this victory in 2018. 

Through his victories in several online poker tournaments, most recently the Super High Roller Bowl Online, Justin has continued to create impacts in online poker. Having such an all-around online poker millionaire who has accomplished higher exploits is motivating.

Daniel Negreanu

According to many, Daniel has been quite a prominent poker player. Therefore, we are discussing a poker legend rather than an internet poker millionaire. He entered the Poker Hall of Fame after earning about six WSOP bracelets. Negreanu may be the first Player in the history of the WSOP to win Player of the Year honors twice.

Phil Ivey

This American has 10 WPT final table appearances and one WPT championship. He demonstrates exceptional amounts of patience and tenacity by trying again and again. He is renowned for his incredible success in online poker and is a champion high-stakes player. And sure, he has won an incredible 10 WSOP bracelets. He successfully reached the Main Event final table and placed seventh overall.


Although online poker has existed for over two decades, many people still need to learn about the game or its wealthiest players. Hopefully, this article has helped to change that and give you a better understanding of the game and some of its most successful players.

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